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Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska 8/17/2016

8/17/2016 - Fishing report on Lake Minnewaska and Lake Reno -

Lake Minnewaska is producing nice sunfish on the weed lines, as well as above the weeds. If you find weeds in 12 feet of water, drop your jig's down to about a foot

above the weeds, the sunfish will be plentiful. Great time to get the kids out with slip bobbers and catch some fish. The walleye bite has been pretty decent too. Lots of people

pulling cranks and some also doing lead core. Don't be afraid to use the good old stand by Lindy Rig with a spinner and crawler. The night bite continues to be good as well for walleye's.


Lake Reno has slowed down a little for the walleye action, but it has been hit pretty hard this year with a lot of fisherman. You can still pick up a few, but you need to be patient and look

for them. Try the humps out in the middle of the lake towards the west end. Spinner rigs and crawlers or try puling some cranks over them. The sunfish are in the weeds, you will be able to catch some

nice size ones there as well. 9' - 10' are very common. 

We also have Red tails and Creek Chubs in as well. Good Luck Fishing.


Lake Minnewaska Fishing Report 1/22/16

Lake Minnewaska Fishing Report 1/22/16-

With the rise in temp's this week, fishing has been picking up. More people are getting out and ice conditions are good around the area. Many of the lakes seeing truck traffic now, along with

big permant houses. This week-end on Lake Minnewaska is a family ice fishing tournament, this should draw a good crowd of people to the lake. If you are looking for walleye's this week-end don't

be afraid to try a little deeper, 20-25 feet of water.Good spots to check out is the 'Hole' out by the High School bar, 'Bottle Bay', or 'The Meat Hole', if you are wondering where these spots are on

the lake, stop in and we can show you on a map. Sunfish and Crappies can be found out in front of the DNR landing, follow the bar out. You will be able to see the string of houses sitting on the bar. Shiners

and Fatheads are good choices for walleye's and crappie minnows or wax worms for your pan fish. We have 3 sizes of shiners in again this year, if you are looking to put out some tip-up's, you will want to

check out our XXL Shiners. Good Luck and have a fun week-end.

Ice Fishing Lake Minnewaska Jan 11, 2016

Ice Fishing report for Lake Minnewaska January 11, 2016 -

Fishing has been good out on Minnwaska, 4 wheelers and snowmobiles are going out all over the lakes. As well as smaller

trucks. If you are looking for walleye's, head over to Peter Resort, if you go out in front of there, you will have good luck. Don't be

aftraid to try 15-20 feet of water, seems like the walleye's have moved out a little deeper now. The lake remains, very clear so if you like

to spear, it's a good time to do that as well. Over by the DNR landing they are catching nice panfish. You will see all the houses out

in what we call 'crappie town'. Koep's is open till 8:00 and we have our 3 sizes of shiners again this year. Our XXL ones are great for

your tip up's.

Koep's Walleye Challenge info 8/26/15

Greetings from the Koep's Walleye Challenge sponsored by Captains Bar and Grill and Marthaler Chevrolet.

Currently as of today 8/26/15 I have 34 team signed up. We will take entries up until the 9th of September.

Entry fee is $260.00 as well. The DNR landing that we currently use is under construction. I am hopefull

that it will be ready to go by my tournment. If you have any questions, please contact Nancy at

320-634-4660. We will also be getting in Redtails and Creek Chubs for the tournament.

Fishing report- Lake Minnewaska 8/8/15

Minnewaska/Reno fishing report 8.8.15 - Fall is in the air alread, but there is still plenty of good summer fishing left. If you are looking for sunfish, the high school bar on Minnewaska is the

place to be. Nice size sunfish too. You can find you walleye's out there too, also possibly preist point. The walleyes should start moving in there with

in a month. Reno is also a good choice to find some crappie action. Fish the weed lines with a slip bobber and you may even catch a walleye or two. The Koep's

Walleye Challenge Sponsored by Marthaler Chevrolet and Captains Bar and Grill, still have spots open for their tournament on September 12 & 13.

Entry's can be picked up at Koep's, or you can download them from our web-site. All the info is under, outdoor updates, then select the Fall Tournament

Tab. We stil have leeches but, the supply is getting down there. It's that time of year when the leeches stop trapping. With in a couple of weeks, I will be

getting in Creek Chubs as well as Redtails. If you need anyfuther information, please reach us as 320-634-4660.

Minnewaska Fishing Report 6/9/15

Fishing Report for Lake Minnwaska, 6/9/2015 -

Fishing has been very decent on Minnewaska. The small mouth bass are crazy right now, bitting really well up in the shallows. Toss some plastic's into the pencil weeds and you will have a bunch of action. People

are gettting sunfish out by the high school bar bobber fishing with a night crawler. Crappies are a little harder to find right now, but if you work the milfoil beds you will be able to pull some out of there. Walleye's are also very

active right now on high shcool bar, 13-18 feet of water, pulling spinners or plains lindy rings. Don't be afraid to go a little deeper for the walleye's either, 20-25 feet is a good choice since the water is clear this year, the walleyes

are going out deeper.  Over by Peter's resort is another great place to try to walleyes. We have all your bait needs, leeches by the 1/2 lbs or dozen's, crawlers by the dozen or 4 dozen, plus golden shiners.  Koep's also carry's

non-ethonal premium gas, propane, ice, and we sell fishing license's. We are truly your one stop before the lake.

Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska 3/6/15

Fishing Report from Koep's for Lake Minnewaska and Lake Reno 3/6/15

During the cold spell last week, there was not much acttivity on the lakes. Blustery winds and cold temps kept many fisherman inside. However this week-end and next weeks

forcast looks great so thing should start to pick up. If you are looking for crappies I would head to Lake Reno, 11-14 feet of water. Remember to be mobile, if you are not

catching them in one spot, start drilling holes and moving you will find them. On Minnewaska I would head over by morning glory gardens and start out in 10 feet of

water, and again keep mobile. Another good starting spot would be  out in the front of the DNR landing. Don't forget some of the smaller lakes too, Pocket Lake,

Lake Mary, Lake Villard, all great options to chase the pan fish. So far Ice conditions are good, no reports of open water on either Minnewaska or Reno. Please

be careful when going out this time of year, it does not take long for that to change. Ice is never 100% safe!  Koep's still has fatheads and crappie minnows along

with wax worms, plus a good varitey of panfish lures left. We open at 5:30 on Saturday morning and 6:00 on Sunday!  Have fun fishing!

1/30/15 Minnewaska Fishing Report

1/30/2015 Lake Minnewasak Fishing Report - Fishing has slowed down some, but they are still biting, just not as fast and

ferious as they were before. If you are looking for walleye's, head over towards the High Shcool bar or also towards

Peters Resort. Both spots have been producing fish. On the hunt for pan fish, remember to be mobile, and on the

move. Out in front of the DNR landing they are picking up some nice size crappies. The sunfish are biting as well

but you do need to pick through them. We still have our 3 diffferent sizes of shiners and are open from

5:30 a.m. -9:00 p.m.   Good Luck!

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