Lake Minnewaska Fishing-Ice Report 11/22/2018

Lake Minnewaska Fishing-Ice Report 11/22/2018

Ice fishing has started! On Minnewaska there is anywhere from 5-7 inches of ice. On the Starbuck side there is still some open water, due to the geese hanging

around. Lots of people going out my the DNR landing, and so far the Landing is good. During the day, they are catching nice size sunfish, head to 10-13 feet 

of water, and try to find some weeds. Just before sunset is when the crappies will start to hit, small tungsten jig  tipped with a crappie minnow. The walleye bit has 

started out slow, but hopefully the bite will start to pick up soon. If you are in search of walleyes start in 12-17 feet of water. 

We have everything you need to hit the lake, propane, full line of ice tackle with new items coming daily, 3 different sizes of our famous golden shinners - small-large-XXL,

fishing and shelter licenses, plus all your snacks for the lake. We have augers and Eskimo fish houses on display as well.  We are open Monday - Saturday 5:30 - 9:00 and 

Sunday 5:30 - 8:00. Remember, we are your one stop before you hit the lake. Remember no ice is safe ice - please be careful on any area lake as some may not have 

consist ice thickness throughout the whole lake. Happy Fishing

Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska 8/16/2018

Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska and Lake Reno


Sunfish and bass are both bitting really good right now. You will have the best luck if you look on or

outside the deep weed lines. For sunfish use a small jig tipped with crappie minnow or a worm. 

Walleye fishing has been pretty tough on Minnewaska, as always early morning, or the evening bite

is when you will have the best  luck. Pulling Lindy rigs with worms is going to be your best presentation, for the walleye's right now. 

Some guys are starting to pulling lead core as well and have been having some 

luck with that. 

Reno - 

The walleye bite on Reno, continues to stay strong. Lindy rig's with or without a spinner tipped with a worm is going to work the best. 

Some are using lead core on Reno as well. If you enjoy driving around 'Road Hunting' and looking for schools of fish, jigging raps will 

work the best. Sunfish and Crappies are in the weeds, use a light weight jig tipped with a worm, wax worm or minnow. Find weeds that 

are out in 15-18 feet of water, and pull your jig over the top of the weeds. If your looking for bass, head towards the pencil weeds and cast either

top water into the weeds, or try drop shotting.  

We have everything you need before you head to the lake. Don't forget we do Take-N-Bake pizza's now. 

                                               We create it - You bake it, simple, fast and fresh. 

Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska 6/15/2018

Lake Minnewaska Fishing Report  - 6/15/2018

The Walleye's are very spread out right now. A Lindy and a leech, or a spinner and crawler have been the best presentation to entice

them to bite. Priest Point is a great starting point, as well as the Starbuck end. You will be able to pick up some bass 

and sunfish as well, when you are trolling in those spots. Bass and Sunfish are going a little deeper, in the 14-17 ft range. A jig/worm/bobber

combo on the weed lines, or a drop shot has been working well. The small mouth are in the 5-7 ft range, however the bigger ones have 

moved a little deeper. Good Luck and stop in for all your needs before you hit the lake! 


Opener 2018

Fishing Opener 5/9/18 -

We are ready for the great Minnesota Fishing Opener. We have leeches in stock, as the days goes by, we should have nice size leeches for opener.

We will sell them by the 1/2 pound or dozen. Our crawlers are in, you can get them by the dozen or flat as well.

We are working very hard every day to get Lake Shiners/Spot Tails in. With this weather we have had lately, no sun

and rain, it's not good for them. They like sunny days that are hot so they can start running. We will keep getting

updates from our minnow trapper on the likely hood of lake shiners or not. 

If the walleye's are not bitting, we have all our panfish items up - stop in and check it out. 

We are your one stop before the lake. 

Have a great opener and remember Mom on Sunday. 

Fishing report Lake Minnewaska 2/20/17

Fishing report - Lake Minnewaska 2/20/17

Fishing has slowed down a little for walleye's and crappies. They are still biting you just need more patience. If you are looking for action, I would head out towards

the DNR landing on the Glenwood side. During the you will keep active with bass and northerns. If you find the right spot the sunfish will keep you busy too. Many are

on the smaller size, so you do need to pick thru them.  Travel on the lake is ok, with the recent snow it did create a few larger drifts, but are easily passable. Good spots for

walleye's to try would be by Priest Point or the High School bar. Look for water in the 15-20 feet range. We still have shiners in, however we are out of the large and XXL shiners.

We still have plenty of tackle on hand, as well ice combos. Good Luck Fishing!


Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska 2/1/2018

Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska 2/1/2018

Fishing has been pretty steady on Lake Minnewaska for the past few week. If you head out in front of the Beach or Lakeside you will

have plenty of activity all day. Northern, bass, sunfish, perch, few crappies and possibly some walleye's. There are a lot of people in that

area now, if  you want to stay out of the crowd, head out towards the middle of the lake. Please watch out for the huge pressure ridge

that is out there. You can get around it, so please do not attempt to go over it. Sunfish can be found in the bay from priest's point or Lawrence point

as it's called on the lake map. We have also heard the Starbuck side is producing some nice fish as well.

Good Luck if you get out, and don't forget to stop in for all your fishing needs. We got you covered.

Lake Minnewaska Fishing Report 1/10/2017

Lake Minnewaska Fishing Report 1/10/2017

Fishing has been very good on lake Minnewaska.  Hearing lots of reports of people catching walley's out by the high school bar,

and also finding some bass mixed in. Don't be afraid to try that 10-16 feet range for walleye's, we are seeing them in a

little shallower than normal for this time of year. If you are looking for sunfish, find the weeds. Finding the edge of the weed

line is huge, in 13-16 feet of water, or even a little shallower. Some nice size northern pike's have also been caught along

with being speared. We still have some Eskimo Shelters in stock, along with ION's and Strikemaster augers. We have the EVO1i and

the Sierra from Eskimo set up for you to look at, and they are $50 off. We did all the work putting them together, so your ready to go fishing.

We still have a great selection of bait, including 3 sizes of shiners. Wax worms can be bought by the 2 doz or the tub.

Good Luck and have fun fishing!!!

Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska 12/21/17

Fishing Report for Lake Minnewaska 12/21/17

Merry Christmas from all of us at Koep's. Fishing has been pretty steady for the walleye's, crappies and sunfish on Lake Minnewaska. Walleye's are in the 13-16 feet of water range,

and you will also find the crappies hanging out there. If you are fishing for walleye's, use a glow jig tipped with a shiner minnow for the best bite.

 Sunfish are very plentiful right now in most spots on the lake. Small jig tipped with a wax worm will be your

best bait of choice. Out from the DNR access by the 'Wall' you will be able to pick up many sunfish and also crappies. Please remember, there is still open

water on the lake that stretches for about 1/2 mile. Use extreme caution when traveling on the lake, especially if you are somewhere where there are no tracks. Ice depth

ranges from 5-10 inches. Some places have very good ice, some is marginal at best.  The open water it towards the South East side of the lake. It basically goes from Morning Glory Gardens,

to Halverson Point, over to Cannel Cove. It's shaped in a triangle so the open water goes for a ways. Hopefully with the colder temps coming it will freeze. However, remember the ice 

underneath will not have 10' of ice right away. There are lots of other good places to fish on the lake, please travel to those areas. We will be open Sunday December 24 from 6:00 - 5:00 and

will be CLOSED for Christmas, so get your minnows early.  Wishing all of you a happy and safe Holiday season.  

Ice Conditions Lake Minnewaska/Reno 12/15/2017

Ice Conditions Lake Minnewaska/Reno 12/15/2017

People are starting to venture out more and also heading a little further out on the lake. We have heard repoorts of anywhere from 4 - 8 inches

of ice on Lake Minnewaska. There are smaller permanet houses out there with 4 wheeler traffic on the lake. People are going out of the DNR landing

on the Glenwood side, as well as Sheriff's Landing and by the beach. The bite has been pretty consisitant for sunfish and crappies at night. Have not

heard much on the walleye activity yet. PLEASE be very careful as there was open water over by Bay Crest, Peters Resort and streches over to the High

School Bar. As of yesterday some of it was still open. Reno has been producing some crappies early in the morning and evening . Reno also has a open spot out in front

of the condo's by Hwy 29. There are permeant houses out there as well and 4wheeler traffic in the bay. We have heard reports of 6 - 9 inches out in the bay on Reno.

Make sure you stop in for the best bait in the county, and don't forget to grab at lure that will out fish everyone else. 

Lake Minnewaska Ice Update 12/7/2017

Lake Minnewaska Ice Update 12/7/2017

Minnewaska is still not fully locked up, with the high winds we have had a few spots opened back up. Also the case on Reno and Maple Lake.

Please use extreme caution when venturing out. The bays that were frozen on Minnewaska and stayed frozen have 4-5 inches of ice on them. There have

been a few people venturing out on Reno in the bay on HWY 29, and also some out in front of the beach on the Glenwood side.

We have everything you need to make your ice fishing trip great. Eskimo shelters, ION Augers, 13 fishing ice rods, Fly line, and so much

more. Come in and checck out our great selction of tackle, as well as snacks and goodies before you hit the ice. Our minnows are fresh and ready to

catch the big one for you. We are open  at 5:30 Monday thru Saturday and close at 9:00 - Sunday our hours are 6:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.

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