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Thanksgiving Day 11/25

We will be closed on Thanksgiving 11/25/21. We hope you all have a great day,

and enjoy spending time with your family and friends. 

The ice is forming on most of the smaller ponds, have seen a few smaller lakes 

in the area have frozen over. However, it is not safe to be on the lakes right now. 

Have a great Turkey Day. 

Fishing Update 8/6/21

Not a ton has changed since the last report. Still in the heat of summer with water temps anywhere from 74-78 in the area depending on the lake. Water levels are down significantly on most lakes so that is something to be aware of when launching. The next week still has most days in the 80s so there shouldn't be much change in water temp or patterns. 

Walleye fishing remains decent, look for it to improve in the coming weeks as the water temps drop. Spinners with worms and crankbaits on leadcore are still the two most popular tactics right now. There are still fish spread out in the basins chasing bait and those are two good methods to target them. More walleyes seem to be moving into the weeds so don't be afraid to try pulling spinners through the weeds or a jig/plastic combo as well. Best bets for walleye are still Reno, Waska, and Mary.

Bass fishing has been on fire, especcially on Minnewaska. Most largemouth are schooled up on the deeper weedlines. Locating coontail and sunfish together is key to finding the bass. 16-18ft with a jig worm, drop shot, or finesse jig has been best. Smallmouth are still biting as well and most fish are on shallow sand in 4-8ft. Other good options for largemouth are Reno, Pelican, Scandi, and Le Homme Dieu chain. 

Panfish are also holding in the weeds and on the edges of the weeds, mostly in 12-17ft. Sunfish can be found schooled up and easy to catch once located. Crappies are a little more spread out, slowly trolling a small plastic or a small crankbait is a good option for the crappies. Fishing in the evening has been key for a good crappie bite. Most lakes in the area are producing a good panfish bite, just have to find them and they will bite. 


Fishing Report and Tips 7/9/21

The dog days of summer are offcially here and the fish are still biting fairly well. Walleyes have moved out into deeper structure and the basins, anywhere from 17-26ft depending on the lake. There is a few different ways to catch these fish, one is pulling spinners. Experimenting with your spinner presentation is key, whether that means switching weight sizes, blade color or size, or even speed. Another factor to think about is how long your spinner is as well, with clear water being common around the area don't be afraid to try spinners up to 6 or 7 feet long. Often times during the day it is effective to speed up to 1.5 to 1.7 mph when pulling spinners to create a reaction bite. Another option for the deeper fish, especially basin fish, is to pull leadcore. Some key colors have been firetiger, perch patterns, and purple. For those new to leadcore here is a good video that explains the basics, Slip bobbers and jigging raps are another good option when you find fish more concentrated. There are still some fishing holding shallow in the weeds, casting plastics or jig/minnow combo works well for that. Best bets for walleyes are Minnewaska, Reno, Mary, Andrew, and Amelia. 

Bass are still biting well on most area lakes. It can be a fun time of year to fish bass since they can be schooled up on the deep weedlines, especially on lakes like Minnewaska or the Le Homme Dieu chain. A variety of baits can work on the weedlines but some of my favorites are a jig worm (ned rig), drop shot, and a finesse jig. Finding sunfish and coontail are the two keys to finding the bass. If you can locate both of those in the same area you should be catching fish shortly. Here is a good video explain how to fish deep weeds for bass,

Sunfish and crappies are biting well if you can find them. Both are on the deeper side or just into the weeds. Cabbage weeds are very good this time of year for all species but especially panfish. Vertical jigging a smaller jig tipped with a panfish leech or piece of crawler is the best option for sunfish, once you find a few there is usually a bunch. Casting and slowy trolling through/over the weeds has been working best for crappies. Sunfish have been good on most lakes, for crappies I would look at Reno, Mary, and Villard. 


Fishing Update 6/22/21

Summer patterns have offcialy arivved for all species as the majority of water temps are in the mid 70s range. Weed growth is ahead of schedule as well with the above average temps we have had. 

Look for walleyes to be in deeper water during the daylight hours, anywhere from 16-25ft. Trolling spinners with nighcrawlers, typically anywhere from 1.0 to 1.7 mph, on the breaks or through the basin is a great option. The leadcore and jigging rap bite should pick up soon as bait gets pushed into deeper water. Another option that puts a bunch of walleyes on the boat is trolling crankbaits/stickbaits at night, either on the inside weedlines or over the top of the weeds in 5-12ft. Best lakes in the area for walleyes currently are Minnewaska, Reno, Mary, and Osakis. 

Bass fishing is doing great in the area, most fish have moved into thick shallow cover or the deep weedlines. Using a jig or frog up shallow is working well, black/blue for dirtier water and green pumpkin for clear water. On the deeper weedline jig worms, drop shots, and texas rigs with plastics are the best. Look for the deeper edge of the weeds, typically in 15-18ft. Best lakes for bass right now are Minnewaska, Pelican, Alexandria Chain, and Scandi.

Crappies and sunfish are relating to the weeds as well, look for cabbage and coontail to hold the most fish. Trolling smaller jigs over the tops of weeds and along the edge is a good method. Once a group of fish is located try vertical jigging or slip bobbers with live bait. Anglers are picking up a lot of nice sunfish while pulling crawler harnesses for walleyes as well. Good options for panfish are Minnewaska and Reno. 

Ice Report/Fishing report Lake Minnewaska 1/22/21

Ice Report/Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska 1/22/21

Ice conditions are pretty good on Waska and Reno, Travel is very easy as there is not much snow on the lake.

Ice is anywhere from 14 to 16 inches on both Waska and Reno. Full size trucks and tandem axel fish houses being pulled out. 

The DNR access is not usable, as a truck went thru last week-end. The Access at Lakeside is also not useable as a truck

went thru there as well. People have been using the beech access as well as Hunt's Resort access. Hunts asks for a $2 fee 

to use their access. Please remember to pay, they also plow roads out on the lake. Fishing has slowed down some, out in front of Lake

Side has been good for panfish, sunfish especially, but you do have to pick thru them. There is also a lot of people out by the Hole 

as well as Sacks landing. We have Shiners!!!  So stop in before you hit the lake and get your minnows and last minute snacks. 

12/21/2020 Ice Report Lake Minnewaska/Lake Reno

12/21/2020 Ice Report Lake Minnewaska/Lake Reno

Both lakes have a good 8' of ice on the lake. Minnewaska still has some open water on it past the high school bar. So please be aware of that. 

There is also a huge ice heave that has formed on Minnewaska that runs from Halverson Point all the way over to the DNR Landing on the Glenwood

side. We would not recommend trying to drive over this heave. There is smaller vehicle traffic and also ATV's out on the both of the lakes. Fishing has been

a little harder this year, especially during day light hours, as there is no snow on the ice. The night time bite is still going good on both lakes. We have your favorite 

shiners in stock, carrying 3 sizes again, Small, Large and XXL. We also sell propane, plus have a full line of tackle and all your snacks for the lake. 

5/1/2020 Koep's Business Update

5/1/2020 Koep's Business Update Koep's has been open during all this craziness as we are considered essential. You can still purchase fishing liceses from us as well, those have not been shut down. We have crappie and fathead minnows in, along with nightcralwers and wax worms. Hoping that our leeches will be in at the beging of next weeek. Not sure of the size they will be, but we will have some. Lake Shiners are another story. We will have to see what happens. Our minnow trappers will be working hard to trap them, and get them to the area bait shops. Please keep in mind if the lake is infected with AIS, they need to get the minnow tested by the DNR prior to trapping any minnows out of the lake. Once the DNR clears the lake, the trappper can start taking minnows out of it. So it is a process, not as easy as just putting in a trap. We have some great deli specials as well 2 foot long subs for only $11.99 or 3 large 12 inch pizza's for only $25.99 Our normal hours have changed a little - they are now Monday - Friday 5:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Satruday - 6:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Sunday - 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska 4/22/2020

Spring has sprung!!!  YEAH.. I hope this all finds you happy and most importantly healthy. This is a whole new 'normal' then most of us are used too, 

but we will get thru it together. At the shop, we are doing all we can to stop the spread. Bleach, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes are our new friends. One thing is for sure, we

can all practice social distancing while fishing. The ice has been off since April 9th, and fishing is going strong. Crappies are on the chow right now, few good spots to try, is by

Captains bar, where the creek comes in, Hunt's bay, and in front of the creek that comes out past the DNR landing. A variety of presentations are working well right now. Tube jigs tipped with a

crappie minnow and a bobber is super easy way to catch fish right now. Plastics have been working well too, seems like anything with a tail is the key to entice the bite. Water temps around 

42-45 degrees look for fish in 6-8 feet - the lake is clear till about 4 feet down. This is a great time to go shore fishing too.. don't forget about that. Bridge by Captains is always good, off the

docks at Lakeside are a good choice, and don't forger the docks at the DNR landing. HOBO park in Starbuck hasn't been producing the fish like it should right now, but one more

day with warmer temps, that will be a great choice as well. Also the creek between Maple Lake and Reno is a good choice as well, especially during the early mornings and evening. 

We have crappie and fathead minnows in right now, as well as wax worms and night crawlers. So we are set for all your fishing needs. Our shelves are stocked and we have a great

selection of tackle for you. We have new pizza as well. Check it out when you stop - you are going to love it. Order one to take home after fishing.


Ice Report/Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska/Reno 2/9/2020

Ice Report/Fishing Report - Lake Minnewaska/Reno 2-9-2020


Ice and Fishing Report 1/9/2020

Ice conditions still vary but have improved greatly over the last week. On Minnewaska there has been vehicle travel out to the “wall” but not very much past it. Everywhere is is still mostly ATVs and UTVs. Hearing reports of anywhere from 10-16 inches. Reno has more ice than waska in most spots, anywhere from 12-16 inches where people have been fishing. Travel is good, little snow and almost all slush is firmed up again. Other smaller lakes vary greatly with ice conditions, be sure to be checking as you go.

Minnewaska still has a decent crappies/sunfish bite on the wall. Start to look for some of those fish to move a bit deeper and into the main lake later in the year. Getting away from the crowd can really help your odds on the panfish. Walleye reports vary but most fish are being caught deeper by the high school bar or just west of priest point. On lake Reno walleye reports are about the same, depends on the night. Getting away from the crowds and finding transitions or structure is your best bet.

We have still have crappie minnows, fatheads, suckers, spearing decoys, and three sizes of shiners at the shop! Also wax worms and spikes for those chasing panfish. Good luck and be safe!

12/4/2019 Ice Update on Minnewaska

12/4/2019 Ice Update on Lake Minnewaska and surrounding lakes 

Lake Minnewaska was froze over on November 12th, and has re-opened by bottle bay and the open water extends out to the high school bar. As of yesterday

there was still alot of open water out there. The DNR landing on the Glenwood side, has seen a few people on the ice. From what we have heard anywhere from 3-5 inches

out there. We have not seen any 4-wheeler traffic out there or permanent fish houses. Yesterday a cracked form by the landing, however you can still access the ice

as it has not opened up.  Lake Reno bay by HWY 29 has been seeing a lot of action. Fishing has slowed down some, but the night bite still continues to be good. There is anywhere

from 3-7 inches out there, so please use caution when heading out. Smaller permanent houses have been going out, but no big ones. Most people are still 

walking out and pulling portables. Maple's main bay just froze over on Monday night, so please use caution while out there. We are loaded for ice fishing, all our minnows

are in stock and ready to go, with our 3 sizes of shiners. We have everything in stock that you need to go fishing!  Plus we have propane and do fill 100# tanks. Please be

safe out there, and remember no ice is safe ice. 

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