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9/27/2023 Store Info

9/27/2023 Store Info

We are sad to say that after 24 years and 6 months, we have decided to sell our business. It was not a decision did not take lightly, but it's

time. New owners will take over on November 21, 2023. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you! Thank you for all  your continued support

over these last 24 years. We have met lots of great people, and have made friendships that will last forever. 

Thank you Again, for supporting us for 24 years! We could not have done it with out all of you. 

3/6/2023 Lake Minnewaska Ice/Fishing Report

3/6/2023 - Lake Minnewaska Ice/Fishing Report

Lake Minnewaska Fishing Report

Travel is doable off road with the right equipment as of 3/5/2023. I saw multiple 4wd trucks, wheelers, and side by sides getting around off the roads on Saturday. Forecast looks like we may get some more snow so that could change. With some warmer temps it should continue to shrink and make it easier to get around.
The panfish bite has been pretty good on the Glenwood end. There are sunfish nearly everywhere from 12-15ft, finding the bigger is more difficult. Focusing on finding the right school and then holding tight seemed to pay off. Crappies are around too, just in fewer numbers. The primetime window is the best bet to capitalize on the crappies. With so many sunfish around, using a deadstick with a crappie minnow can get you a few additional bites. The classic late ice spots should start to fire up with the longer days.
Looking for green weeds is key, especially with the snow and ice cover we have had this winter. Oxygen levels are at a low point and green weeds provide that for the fish. There are fewer weeds on Minnewaska it seems compared to prior years so it makes it even more important. Other lakes around the area will follow the same pattern. Look for weed flats/edge close to those traditional spring spawning areas. The closer it gets to the spawn, the closer those panfish will be. Good luck fishing and stay safe!

Ice/Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska 1/22/2023

Ice/Fishing Report Lake Minnewaska 1/22/2023

Lake travel on Minnewaska remains good. We did not get all the snow they got in southern MN, so it's easy to get around on the lake. There is 20 plus inches of ice on the lake. For the most part all the access are still in good shape as well. The beach access that is next to the snack shack is a little beat up. Would not recommend taking your fish house on or off using that one. Hunts Resort access remain closed, and doubtful they will open it. 

Fishing has been a little slow with the warmer temps and lack of sunshine. People have been catching a few out in front of Lakeside as well as out from the A Frame house. The High school bar as been producing a few fish as well. Ideal depth would be 14 to 16 feet of water. 

We have many specials going on right now in our tackle department. Take $10 off any size Engle cooler, 20% off ice combo's, and rattle reels. Also, all our decor items are 20% off. 

We have wax worms and spikes in red or white. A full line of bait including 3 different sizes of shiners, regular, large and XL. 

Our ours are Monday-Friday 5:30 - 8:00 - Saturday 6:00 - 8:00 and Sunday 6:30 - 7:00 





12/28/2022 Fishing/Ice Report Lake Minnewaska

12/28/2022 Fishing Report - Minnewaska

Panfish bite remains strong all over the Glenwood end of the lake. Shoot for shoreline breaks in 12-16ft for both sunfish and crappies. Crappies are most active in the evenings and at night. Using a spoon for the sunfish can help to weed out some of the smaller ones.
Walleyes remain decent, getting to some of the main lake structure is the best. 15-22ft seems to be the range, although that can vary from spot to spot. Use both a combination of set lines and jigging. We have fatheads, suckers, and shiners available.
Lake travel is pretty good right now. Some drifts but being able to drive just about anywhere with a truck is doable. Bring a shovel if planning on going in a truck, some drifts are pretty solid. On average 14-16 inches of ice but that varies widely depending on where you are at. West of priest point was kept open longer by waterfowl, please use caution over there.
Lake Minnewaska and Reno both have truck traffic on them, we are hearing anywhere from 14-17 inches out on the lakes for ice. 
Good luck fishing!

Ice Report Lake Minnewaska/Reno 12/01-/2022

Ice Report Lake Minnewaska and Reno - 12/01/2022

Minnewaska official froze over on the 22 of November. A few are the bays look a little ruff as the ice that was on the lake blew in when the wind

was 30 mph for 2 days. But after the wind settled the lake froze over so smoothly. Ice looks like glass it is so smooth, Reno is the same way. 

We did not get any of the snow that parts of southern MN got, so there is no snow cover on the lake. From the reports we have been hearing there is 3-5 inches

on Minnewaska and 4-6 on Reno. We have heard reports of small permanent houses out on Reno in the boy off of HWY 29. Fishing has been good as well, people catching nice 

walleye's as well as the crappie bite at dusk. 

We have a full line of up of minnows in, including our famous shiners in 3 different sizes, regular, large and XL. Our shelves are stocked up with great gear and lots of new items that hit 

the market this year. 

We are open Monday - Friday 5:30 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. Saturday 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Sunday 6:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. 


7/7/2022 Lake Minnewaska Fishing Report

7/7/2022 Lake Minnewaska Fishing Report

Fishing continues to remain strong on Minnewaska as well as many area lakes.  Walley's can be found anywhere from 5-18 feet, during the day try a little deeper, especially if the sun is out. If you can find the cabbage patches on Minnewaska you can find the walleye's. People are also catching many nice size sunfish the ones in the 10' category. Fishing for panfish is a great way to keep the kids occupied on the boat, as yes even some adults. There are a lot of weed beds around the lakes, find the weeds, then fish just above them.  A small jig tipped with a crawler and bobber is a great way to fish for them .  If you are looking for a popular catch it all spot to fish, check out the high school bar. You will find, bass, sunfish, northers and yes you will catch a walleye or two as well. Fishing the edge of the weed line and following it around the tip of the point is a great place to catch nice fish. 

Yes it is difficult to find us right now, From 55, once you hit the round about you can turn right in. Coming up the hill from Glenwood 29N, turn right on 140th Ave it's right below the dental office. Follow that around past the town homes and also the water tower and you will come out on 55. Take a left which will take you around the round-s-bout. 

We have Non-Ethanol Premium Gas, propane, ice in 3 different sizes, great selection of Koep's Gear, bait, tackle, etc. Leeches are being sold by the 1/2 pound or by the dozen.  If you are on vacation and forgot something, chances are we have it for you. 

If you have any questions, please give us a call 320-634-4660

Fishing Opener 5/11/2022

Fishing Opener 5/11/2022 -

Well, it's almost here the great Minnesota fishing opener, and we are ready. Our bait is arriving daily, we do have regular golden shiners in, and 

hope to get some Lake Shiners on Friday. Leeches are going to be small to start the season, but hopefully within a few weeks we will

lave a larger assortment.  On opener we suggest to go shallow, don't be afraid to try 2 feet of water. The walleye's will be in shallow

feeding on the bait fish. Jig n a minnow is the best presentation for opening week-end, but do not rule out a crawler and a lindy rig. 

We have a lot of great sales going on thru out the store - Rod combo's 20% off, JT Rod's 20% off, Koep's hats 15% off, take $5.00 off 

any clothing purchase and all reels are 15% off. 

We are open the following hours on opening week-end

Friday night we are open till 10:00

Saturday 5:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Sunday 5:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. 

12/15/2021 Ice Report Lake Minnewaska/Lake Reno

12/15/2021 Ice Report Lake Minnewaska/Lake Reno

Ice conditions are defiantly deuterating around the area, with the warmer temps and rain we are getting today. People are still

venturing out on Reno in the bay off of Hwy 29 as well as on Minnewaska out in front of the beach and Captain's bay by Hunt's Resort.

Some of the smaller lakes we have been hearing anywhere from 4-6 inches of ice out there, however have not heard much over 

4-5 on on Waska.  A big part of Reno was still open on the 6th of December so that will not have as much ice on it as the bay off of 29 does. 

We are fully loaded with bait, including 2 different sizes of shiners. 

Remember no ice is safe ice, please  use caution when traveling out. 


Thanksgiving Day 11/25

We will be closed on Thanksgiving 11/25/21. We hope you all have a great day,

and enjoy spending time with your family and friends. 

The ice is forming on most of the smaller ponds, have seen a few smaller lakes 

in the area have frozen over. However, it is not safe to be on the lakes right now. 

Have a great Turkey Day. 

Fishing Update 8/6/21

Not a ton has changed since the last report. Still in the heat of summer with water temps anywhere from 74-78 in the area depending on the lake. Water levels are down significantly on most lakes so that is something to be aware of when launching. The next week still has most days in the 80s so there shouldn't be much change in water temp or patterns. 

Walleye fishing remains decent, look for it to improve in the coming weeks as the water temps drop. Spinners with worms and crankbaits on leadcore are still the two most popular tactics right now. There are still fish spread out in the basins chasing bait and those are two good methods to target them. More walleyes seem to be moving into the weeds so don't be afraid to try pulling spinners through the weeds or a jig/plastic combo as well. Best bets for walleye are still Reno, Waska, and Mary.

Bass fishing has been on fire, especcially on Minnewaska. Most largemouth are schooled up on the deeper weedlines. Locating coontail and sunfish together is key to finding the bass. 16-18ft with a jig worm, drop shot, or finesse jig has been best. Smallmouth are still biting as well and most fish are on shallow sand in 4-8ft. Other good options for largemouth are Reno, Pelican, Scandi, and Le Homme Dieu chain. 

Panfish are also holding in the weeds and on the edges of the weeds, mostly in 12-17ft. Sunfish can be found schooled up and easy to catch once located. Crappies are a little more spread out, slowly trolling a small plastic or a small crankbait is a good option for the crappies. Fishing in the evening has been key for a good crappie bite. Most lakes in the area are producing a good panfish bite, just have to find them and they will bite. 


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