Bait List

Minnows - Crappies, Fatheads, Lt. Pike/Hvy. Pike, Light Northern, Heavy Northern, Golden Shiners, Redtails, and Creek Chubs.

Leeches - Small, Medium, Large, and Jumbo when available. (We don't always have Large/Jumbo on hand - all the others we do). We sell our leeches by the dozen or 1/2 pound (when available).

Wax Worms - Sold by the 2-dozen or by the box which has 200-225 worms.

Night Crawlers - Sold by the 1 dozen, 4 dozen, or flat.

Koep's Dozen

Come in and ask for the Koep's Dozen* when purchasing Crappie & Fathead Minnows, you'll get more than you bargained for.

* Only good for Crappie & Fathead Minnows

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